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Fall’s milder temperatures in Maryland and Washington DC come better growing conditions for young grass. For better lawn care and maintenance, keep in mind that seed can germinate and grow more easily during the fall because it offers warmer soil temperatures and more favorable moisture levels than spring. Fall is also favorable as a growing season for grass because weeds are not as prolific in fall as in spring. New grass planted in the fall has time to mature before facing summer stresses like heat, traffic and mowing.

Bethesda, MD freshly cut backyard lawn
Bethesda, MD – Lawn maintenance customer’s freshly cut grass at the height of the Summer, 2011 drought.
Fall is the time of year to seed your lawn in preparation for the coming seasons, and to create a truly beautiful lawn and landscape. There are seven basic steps Kehoe can take to help you get the best-looking lawn on the block:

1. Aerate the Soil
2. Adjust pH
3. Fertilize
4. Seed
5. Water
6. Retain Moisture
7. Care and Maintenance

Aerate the Soil. Depending on how compacted your soil is, your lawn may need roto-tilling, aeration, slicing or heavy raking to prepare it for spot-seeding or overseeding. There are a variety of materials and additives that can help get heavier clay soil ready for seeding and support young grass better.

Adjust pH. Is your lawn too basic? Too acidic? A balanced soil chemistry is essential to allow grass to receive the proper nutrients and fertilization. We can quickly test your soil and balance it to achieve the proper pH for optimal grass growth.

Fertilize. Newer lawns need different care from more established ones. September, October and November are the prime months in the DC Metro area to add lime, gypsum, and grass seed to your lawn.

Seed. Kehoe Lanscaping can recommend the proper type of seed and/or sod based on your yard’s sun exposure, shade, water situation, and the type of look and feel you want your lawn to have. We will only use the very best varieties of grass seed available; ones that are resistant to disease and that thrive in the DC Metro area.

Water. Proper watering can make or break your lawn, and Kehoe Lanscape Contractors will work with you to design and maintain a plan for watering that keeps each area of your landscaping looking its best. Shallow root systems, lawn disease, and root rot can result from improper watering techniques. Watering in the early morning generally yields best results and allows for more efficient absorption and utilization by new grass.

Retain Moisture. Depending on your yard’s sun exposure and water situation, straw matting, peat moss or loose straw can be an excellent step to ensure that your young grass shoots thrive.

Care and Maintenance. Kehoe Landscaping has a reputation for excellent professional lawn care and maintenance in the DC Metro area. We can provide your home with year round lawn service, trimming and pruning, spring and fall cleanups, or a complete maintenance and planting package. Please visit our landscape maintenance page for more information.