Posted on by Matthew T.

Fall is the season for planting. Along with cooler temperatures and back-to-school in the DC Metro area come the beautiful colors of fall. This is the optimal time to get your yard ready for winter, encourage your entire landscape to stay healthy and come back strong in the spring.

Fall Planting: Get Your Lawn Ready
Fall is a beautiful season in its own right. For your lawn to look its best this season and throughout the year, effective planting, reseeding, sodding and fertilization is essential. Fall is one of the best times to plant and sow lawn seed.

Winterizing Your Landscape
Depending on your unique landscape, elevation, drainage patterns and other factors, leaves lying on your lawn during the winter can create one of two problems: they can prevent water from reaching your grass, or they can trap excessive moisture, causing grasses to rot and die by spring. The experts at Kehoe Landscaping will take all of these factors into account to optimally winterize your unique landscape, in a green-friendly manner.

Pruning for Winter
Those who don’t know prune indiscriminately. But your Kehoe landscaping experts know that pruning certain types of plants too late in the growing season can encourage new growth that will be damaged by frost. We also know which plants must be pruned while dormant. Mulching around the base of plants can provide excellent insulation for root systems during the winter. Trust Kehoe to get your important plants ready to stay healthy during winter freezes, and prep your landscape for water control during spring melts. We know the local fauna, flora and climate that will give you a landscape growing in harmony with the seasons.

Fall an important time to plant, keep existing grass trimmed, level driveways and walkways, remove debris, repair garden or driveway edging, and remove weeds.

Our proactive services consider local weather conditions, maximize present health and condition of your trees and shrubs, reduce existing plant problems, minimize environmental risk and encourage healthy plant growth in a green-friendly manner. We will base our services on your property’s needs, and give you the best value for the coming seasons.