Posted on by Matthew T.

In the DC Metro area, you will find that there are different flowers that typically bloom at different times of the year. Late summer brings second blooms of crepe myrtle and roses, and beautiful displays of autumn foliage are complemented well by ornamental grasses. Tulips and daffodils are a colorful way to welcome spring to your neighborhood after a long winter. The flowers you see coming up early in the year have often been installed the previous fall as bulbs. These flowers may even bloom prior to the first trees beginning to bud, adding to the excitement of the season.

Kehoe Landscaping can help you achieve a color display that starts with early spring blooming bulbs and ends with fall foliage and late-blooming perennials. Some of the most popular spring blooming bulbs in our area are daffodils, grape hyacinths, irises, lilies, snowdrops, crocuses, freesia and of course the classic tulip. A small group of fall-planted bulbs surprise us by blooming in the fall, but the typical pattern is for the foliage to appear first. Then the bulbs go dormant until the bright flowers emerge, as if by magic.

Different types of bulbs require different types of light and exposure, some varieties require yearly installation, and some will continue to propagate and bloom every year. Depth of planting is specific to the type of bulb, but most bulbs should be planted before the first frost. Some bulbs are planted individually, and others do best in a trench. For the most colorful and impressive displays, we can install large “drifts†of bulbs that complement your landscaping in a natural way.

Late summer is the perfect time to plan your spring display. Contact Kehoe Landscaping today and we will work with you to design a bulb installation that helps keep your yard colorful all year long.